A world-class director, writer and film editor, Hubert de La Bouillerie’s passion for photography began at an early age. (for full bio, click here)

The most commonly used adjectives to describe Hubert’s pictures are:

Authentic               Artistic             Amazing

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A visual artist in all mediums, (film, TV, cable, photography) he is a master at capturing the true essence of those who work with him: actors- models- authors- CEO’s- entrepreneurs- choreographers- directors –producers- fashion designers- writers- agents- realtors- chefs- bankers- lawyers- financial wizards -national spokespeople- advertising exec’s- philanthropic enterprises (foundations/non-profits)- internet start-ups- web designers-coaches- consultants- educators- to name a few…

Hubert’s expert eye will capture your “wow” factor. The result: your photographs will garner people’s attention!

If you want something generic (basic and common), do not choose Hubert. If you want something unforgettable, look no further.

A recent snapshot of Hubert de La Bouillerie’s clients include:

Heide Banks- National relationship expert (Oprah, Tyra, Montel, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox...) Gore Vidal- one of the most important writers of the century, Debbie Robins- best-selling author, Huffington Post blogger, Advice Columnist, Executive Coach, Dey Young- actress and sculptor (Rock n’ Roll High School, Pretty Woman), Judith Krantz- iconic writer, Steve Krantz- television producer, Isabelle Glasser- actress (Forever Young, Law and Order), Pierre Bersagol- President Marketing/Auchan, Lesli Linka Glatter- top female directors (House, The Good Wife, ER), Eric Gaskins- renowned fashion designer, Quintin Phelps– top makeup artist, Samantha Zuckerman- model, Bibi Leonelli– French choreographer, Jerome Leonelli– Founder/L’Image de La Formation, Elizabeth Evans- literary agent, Joanne Zippel- internet producer/manager/coach, Julien– actor/model/mime, Nick Segal- Founding partner/Partner’s Trust Real Estate, Lynne White- realtor/Prudential Elliman, Jody Weiss- Founder/PeaceKeeper Causemetics, Karen Hartman- Broadway composer/lyricist, Richard Mizrack- International lawyer, Robera Zuckerman- banker, Carolyn the chicken- egg series

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