Of Love And Evil The Birth

An epic romance that traverses history – from the present day to the sixteenth century. Based on a novel of same title, Part One of this exciting trilogy (3 films/3 books) takes you to the epicenter of evil and introduces you to the woman who is destiny bound to fight for the salvation of our souls.

Love With All The Trimmings

A contemporary romance with comedy - the story of Julie Virginia Knight, a successful architect/builder from Dallas, Texas whose heart has been broken so many times, she accepts a playful offer from a Lloyds of London representative to insure it from further abuse. To her total surprise, Dudley Nichols, the handsome insurance broker from Lloyds, moves to Texas to protect the company's investment. Or so he says!

Kiss My Ass

Think Moonstruck in tone, depth and humor - this edgy, romantic romp, inspired by Shakespeare's comedic masterpiece, Taming of the Shrew, is set in the modern day world of the Las Vegas mob (and not told in iambic pentameter). When Kate’s father, Don Marlon, forces her to marry a loveable, loser named Johnny, all hell breaks loose until love finds its inevitable way.

Print The Legend

Welcome to heaven where legendary director John Ford and his pal, John Wayne, are reviewing their lives and extraordinary friendship. This unusual biography is one of the great untold stories. It will delight and move you, just as Ford’s films have done for over seventy years.

Stairway To Heaven

The ultimate con. The ultimate love affair. Reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde.