Of Love And Evil The Birth

by Hubert de La Bouillerie: Part One Of The Epic Trilogy

An unseemly pact with the devil, made in the sixteenth century, must be resolved in the present, so that love can reign instead of evil.


"This novel defines the classic supernatural thriller; grounded in realism, taking the reader to a terrifying place beyond the realms of natural law. Bravo."GORE VIDAL, author.

"A frightening and controversial supernatural love thriller. De La Bouillerie's colorful palette of characters creates a compelling puzzle that readers won't be able to put down." DON WEISE, Publisher.

"De La Bouillerie's writing is original and psychologically compelling. The shadow of evil and lust lurks around every proverbial door. A must-read!" HEIDE BANKS- Nationally renowned relationship expert and author

"De La Bouillerie’s delightfully grotesque and gothic tale of what happens when love and evil aim to collide on a trajectory that could create hell on earth. A devilishly good debut with an ending that’s pure evil." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

 “Of Love And Evil by Hubert de La Bouillerie is an exciting thriller filled with murder, mystery, devil worship, and the fear of the unknown. It is a love story that spans the age of time…Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.” PALMETTO REVIEW

 “The Exorcist meets The Social Network in this imaginative, well-written and grotesque story involving evil, politics, technology and historical conspiracy by film director Hubert de La Bouillerie…The book is fast-paced and written with gusto…” BLUE INK REVIEW

Shovel It! Kick-Ass Advice To Turn Life’s Crap Into The Peace And Happiness You Deserve

by best selling author Debbie Robins (pub date: Nov 4th, 2009/ Alyson Publishing/Regent Entertainment)

Inspirational mover and shaker, Debbie Robins, shares her seven tried and true techniques to retrieve your peace when life’s crap hits your fan.

Her celebrity chapter is filled to the brim with additional advice from Deepak Chopra, Rosanna Arquette, Julia Ormond, Sandra Bernhard, Carolyn Bivens, Daniel Powter and many more.

Where Peace Lives

by best selling author Debbie Robins

In the enchanted world of Where Peace Lives, an angel named Peace is locked in a glass box and can't get out. To make matters worse, Peace's wings have started to droop and her peace dust has begun to fade. The fate of the world may be at stake.  As our narrator takes this magical journey to find the three Keys to set Peace free, we meet Luther the Bear, king of the Mountain Where Dreams Are Made; Mister Buddha, an old Siamese cat selling a potion called Acceptance; Mahma the Ferret, who does unto others as he would like them to do unto him; Chris and Mo, orangutan ferrymen on the Sea of Forgiveness; and an essence named Ah from the Land of La who respects all living things. Where Peace Lives will inspire you to believe that you can make a difference at any age.


It is not every book that arrives at Library Journal's offices with testimonials from Jane Seymour, Arianna Huffington, Penny Marshall, and that saint of secular humanism, Gore Vidal, but such is the fate of this new work.  A delight for all readers. For most collections.
Graham Christian, Library Journal

A beautiful invitation to people of every age to engage in the pursuit of peace.
DeepakChopra, Author

I was charmed.
Gore Vidal, Author

The story is touching, the artwork is beautiful and the message of peace is so timely. I think the story is destined to be a classic and an inspiration for so many.
Maria Shriver, Author/Activist  

In this book, children and adults can find inspiration and get to the source of what really matters in their own lives.  It is a roadmap to the soul.
Arianna Huffington, Author/Editor

When I finished it, I felt the same way I did after putting put down "The Little Prince"; grateful for the magic of a fable to delight, inspire and educate, all at the same time."

The coolest ride.  It is an adventure down a new 'rabbit hole' with pearls of wisdom on the other side.
Penny Marshall

Imaginative, colorful, lyrical and heartfelt.  An unforgettable adventure to the magical places where peace truly lives. Treat yourself to the journey. It’s worth it.
Penney Finkelman Cox Former EVP of Sony Animation Producer

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